Selective Process

Documents required for registration

– Diploma or declaration of completion of the graduation course or declaration of possible forming until the date of enrollment in the UFV (for the master’s degree);

– Diploma or declaration of completion of the undergraduate course, diploma or declaration of completion of the master’s course or declaration of the supervisor stating that the defense will occur until the date of enrollment in the UFV (for the doctorate);

– School history of the graduation (for the master’s degree);

– School history of the undergraduate and masters (for the doctorate);

– Curriculum vitae;

– Registration fee (ticket to be generated at the address: http: //

– A 3 × 4 photo;

– Birth or marriage certificate;

– ID card;

– Title of voter.

In addition to the documents listed above, the applicant must download the following documents at and complete them, before appending to the application (To be made at the same e-mail address):

– Curriculum Summary – MSc in Genetics and Improvement

– Curriculum Summary – PhD in Genetics and Improvement

– Work Plan – Masters in Genetics and Improvement

– Work Plan – PhD in Genetics and Improvement

Instructions for presentation of vouchers

The Coordinating Committee does not analyze what is stated in the candidate’s resume summary, but what is duly substantiated. It is mandatory to present the vouchers in an organized manner according to the curriculum summary form. Processes that do not meet this requirement will not be approved. The proofs must be presented in a single document (PDF file), following the order presented in the curriculum summary.

For proof of publications (books, book chapters and scientific articles), attach only the cover page.
Selection criteria – Master’s and Doctorate
Selection crystals and instructions for the registration of foreign candidates


1. Deadlines for Registration: the deadline for registration will be announced on the website.2. Registration Fee: ……… R $ 116,00

ATTENTION: Foreign applicants residing abroad must pay the fee by wire transfer, with the following credit information:

BANK: Banco do Brasil S / A
NAME OF THE INSTITUTION: Federal University of Viçosa
ADDRESS: Av. P.H. Rolfs, s / n – Campus Universitário – Viçosa-MG – CEP: 36570-000

SWIFT: BRASBRRJBHE (You do not need to enter bank account number) 3. Incomplete applications will not be analyzed.4. The candidate may enroll in more than one Program.


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